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Reporting Services vs. Crystal Reports

We are using Crystal reports in a very unconventional way. Typically it is used to provide lists and whatnot, much the same way the REporting Services Wizard works. However, we are using it for what you might liken to a tax form. Where users make some data on some data entry pages, then we export them a pdf of info that BASICALLY looks like a dmv or tax form. From what I’ve seen, Reporting Services will not do this. Am I right? Essentially I am recieving a lot of pressure to move to Rep. Services, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. I am the maker of rules, dealing with fools!
Since Reporting Services is essentially a web service, there’s no reason you can’t hook up an ASP.NET page to use for data entry, store the input either in SQL Server or a custom business object and then call the Render method for your report that uses SQL or your object as a datasource with the Format set to PDF. Not saying it will be straightforward but it certainly sounds doable. HTH Jasper Smith
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