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Response time

hi every body
i am a sql programmer , trying to monitor the perfirmance. the scenareo is , i am running a query on a particular table. i am checking the response time changes as i change the index on that table. Just please guide me how to check the response time though i am running the same query everytime. Is there is any cache concept here . Please guide me. With regards

Yes, an initial execution will load a lot of the pages into the buffer cache.
Subsequent executions will use this cache and may appear to be quicker Prior to running the query, you can empty the data and proc cache for a fair comparison each time DBCC FREEPROCCACHE
GO dont do this on a production server!

To make sure no dirty pages are produced in the meantime and kept in cache add checkpoint command before: checkpoint

thanx every body
i will check it out. shiv

Just don’t try this on a production server. It will clean the whole server cache, probably causing a performance hit for other db’s on the same server. —
Frank Kalis
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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