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Rows returned limits

What are the limits on the number of rows that can be returned to RS? to the browser? from a data set or stored proc? I have some stored procs that return upwards of 400,000 rows and the performance of the report is a rather big issue. I know 400k is a lot to return in general but I can’t seem to find any documentation on the limits of RS. Is there a way to force pagination while using a data set this large? Such as every 1000 rows, or does this have to be built into the original stored proc?
Reporting Services will page the report for you- the split will be based on your page size in the report properties rather than a set number of rows. Needless to say – is a user really going to read that many rows of data?? As for limits there are none that I have heard of. Rememeber that reporting services caches the data in it’s db – so it needs space here. Simon
I am not in a position to say whether or not that many rows is a good number or not. "That’s what the user needs to see." I know you cna break the pages based on several factors but I guess knowing that I can’t break it based on a count of rows is at least one more thing I can’t do. Good informationto know. Where can if find more information on RS caching within its own db? What would I search for? thanks