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RS Architecture Issue

I have an interesting situation at my workplace where we have developed a Reporting Services intranet site which was originally designed for a one server architecture but now needs to be changed to adopt a new model. The current architecture involves a regular Reporting Services Server with IIS that also hosts a ASP GUI. The end user through his/her web browser accesses the ASP based GUI that generates and redirects the user’s browser with a pre-formatted URL to the Reporting Services component which returns the report output back to the end user. Due to security concerns, we now must adopt a two-server architecture which involves:
– a separate IIS web server to hold the GUI
– a standalone Reporting Services server to generate reports The challenge is that the end user can no longer directly connect to the Reporting Services Server and instead, must go via the separate IIS web server to generate a report. We would ideally like to keep the same URL-driven Reports access. We essentially need some sort of redirect or communication mechanism between the web server and report server to allow the reports to be ‘routed’ via the web server back to the end user. Any ideas on how this might be achieved????
When you install SQL Reports, Install Samples also.
Theres an Example where you can find a .NET project ReportViewer.
Compile this project and you’ll get a DLL. Use that DLL in ur ASP app. You can specify the Server name and Report name in this Component. Users will see ASP pages only. HTH Harsh