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Script for the name of DTS Package

Hi, The following command calling a DTS package. We have around 100 DTS packages in the server. Can any body share the command or script to view , which DTS package the command is callling.
DTSRun /~Z0xE4F4A631AB328115046DC96894C2D211AE867997188C266D3FFBD98FF771BF8F29E6E2B1559C0CBD652BAB2F5C42924BDBF19452398575FEEA49EEA9FB81B54FBE0A52FD7C80AC957566CC77E4E8E9CE15D4EB11EC195EC91C7D33

You have to search for that referring to sysdtspackages system table and look at the schedule over ther. Satya SKJ
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