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Maybe this question is not related to sql tuning, but i need help and i have not found
better forum then this. select @ciag = ‘update ##temp1 SET M’+cast (@id as varchar)+’=’
select @ciag = @ciag + ‘"’+cast(@pr as varchar)+ ‘-‘+cast (@cn as varchar)+’" where id=’+cast (@post as varchar) in result i wan to have sth like this:
update ##temp1 SET M1="23.45-56.67" where id=5 i got error: Ivalid Column name 23.45-56.67 M1 field is varchar field please help me ….
Did you try, ‘ instead "? I mean SET M1=’…..’ Luis Martin
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ehhh yes i entered char(39) = ‘ on the left end right side …. and now works…
Thank you very much