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seminar help

hi friends,
i’m in a good trouble, i need your valuble guidence. actually i need to give a live demo on DTS and BCP. our team members will deliver a demo every friday.actually my job is on 29th. but it was preponned to 22nd. there came the problem.
i’m not fearing to deliver demo i’ve confidence.but i didnt got sufficient information for the demo. i need to explain 1)what is the use of DTS? how it dropped the use of BCP?
2)what else we can do with DTS?(ETL and export and import)
3)what are the advanced features of DTS in sql server2005? i’ve small amount of time, that is the reason i’m not searching in google and sagrigatting the experts defnetly delivered some good seminars. so please give me good help and if possible some power point presentation. please concider my request.
thank you very much for your help. vinod kumar mallolu
You can find these details from web For SQL Server 2000 DTS For SQL Server 2005 SSIS
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