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Separate IP and Network Name for MSDTC?

I am following KB 301600 for a 2003 Cluster config of MSDTC and I have a question. Do I need an additional IP address and network name for just the MSDTC or can I use the Cluster Name and Cluster IP address resources in the default cluster group by moving them to my new MSDTC Group? It just seems silly to me to have another IP address and Network Name for just the MSDTC. Thanks in advance,
Microsoft has confirmed that you should create a separate IP address and Network Name for the MSDTC Resource in the new MSDTC Group that they talk about in KB 301600.
Well different documents say different things I belive. Back in Windows 2000 it was sometimes recommended to put in in the default cluster group, using the quorom disk and cluster ip and name. I’ve done this on many clusters without ptoblems. But if you expect heavy msdtc traffic it can be a good idea to put msdtc on a seperate disk, ip, name. If you have limited disk resources a seperate disk (raid 1) for msdtc can take up valuable storage space.

I have a question related to this – can someone help me understand what the relation of the disk resource in this group is to the resource group as a whole? Do i need to allocate a dedicated array for this function (oh i hope not!) – as it stands i have these resources with the physical disk that is my transaction log array. Is this OK? I do not want to hinder the performance of my transaction logs or risk fragmentation. Thanks,
If you create a seperate MSDTC resource group it will need it’s own disks. If you use an existing resource group it can use the disks located there.