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SnapShot in Merge Replication

By Default snapshot run once in a every week..Is it necessary to run
it once in a week? I have only one subscriber and I don’t
think I’m going to use snapshot folder to syncronize as my
DB is big and sybscriber is at remote location. -Nilay
It depends on the requirement and sync. method you use.
Did you get any issues while synchorinizing? _________
Satya SKJ

Satya, Yes, Since we have lot of double quotes ("") in sps & triggers and snapshot by default
puts ANSI_NULL ON, SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON which causes problem while syncronising..even though all ANSI property are off at server and client levels SQL server does this and I couldn’t able to find way to make it off while generating snapshot. let me know any suggestion you have.. Thanks again for your help, Satya. -NIlay
I would recommend to go thru these links :
… and comeback if any doubt. _________
Satya SKJ