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Specifying file locations in clustered SQL server

I have SQL2005 clustered on windows 2003 servers. I have two physical disks/LUNS in same cluster resource group which I intended to use one for data and one for log files. The problem is after installing SQL 2005 on one of the drive, SQL server doesn’t reconize another drive in the same cluster resource. So, I do not have the option to specify where the log file should go for new database. How do I make SQL server to see another drive? Currently it only sees the drive that it was installed on.
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Be sure that the other drive (the one SQL Server can’t see) has been setup as a cluster resource in Cluster Administrator. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, SQL Server MVP
The drive that SQL server can’t see is setup using cluster administrator. From the ClusterAdministrator windows, I can see the drive, but SQL can’t see it from SQL server management studio.
Check after a server restrt… Mohammed U.
Does the SQL server resource have a dependency on the disk resource?
Right click on SQL Server resource and add the disk as dependency. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/295732 Regards,
Anil Kumar