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sql 2000 and VB6

Hi, My ap in my office is running ok, it’s coded by VB6 and using SQL 2000 as the database.
Now I want to convert the VB6 ap to web form based program, but I have no experience in that.
Would anyone give me some advice? [:I]
Thanks. Jason

Do you want to convert it into ASP or PHP? Madhivanan
well what kind of help do u exactly need in creating web forms.
U can create using asp.net and it will be very easy for creating as u r familiar with VB6 and .net uses similar syntax.

these are some sites that contains good code / tutorial and will help you in coding using ASP:
www.aspin.com hsGoswami
[email protected]
if you want to convert them to vb.net , there is a tool, do know how good is the tool Share your expereince on this