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SQL 2000 Enterprise Hangs Upon Install

Hi, I hope someone out there can help, cos i really need it.
We have a 2 node cluster + SAN that will be used as our SQL 2000 servers.
We have setup the cluster ok, and have tested failover with no problems.
However, when we try to install SQL 2000, it just hangs.
I have copied the enterprise cd to the local drive, and am installing from there.
We run the setup.bat, create the Virtual Server, and assign an ip address. At this point, it just hangs.
Upon checking the SQLSTP.LOG file, this is the last entry in the log:
Begin Action : DialogShowSdDiskGroups I have found the Microsoft Technet Article 293788, which gives me a possible soloution, but we dont have any Resource Names or Groups that have the same name. Can someone PLEASE give me an answer on how to fix this, or at least point me in the right direction. Many Thanks Darren

This may not be the solution, but check your DNS and WINS servers to ensure that the virtual name and IP address are not found in them. If so, delete them. This applies to all DSN or WINS servers if you have more than one of each. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Any additional info in sqlclstr.log? Are the nodes domain controllers or do the nodes have terminal services installed (not the admin mode but the real one)? Because that could cause a number of issues. Make sure the resource groups do not have the same name as your disks. For example if both a resource group and a disk is named "Data disk". Also make sure that the node you install on is the owner of the shared disks during install. More help on troublshooting SQL cluster installs can be found here:
Format & Reinstall of both nodes fixed problem, whatever it was.