Get an Edge with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Next, right click on Reports in the Solution Explorer and select Add New Report, as shown in the figure below, to add a new report to the project using the Report Wizard.

Add New Report to Your Project

In the Report Wizard window, select the data source (in our case we have chosen pubs) from which you wish to obtain data for your report. Click Next to proceed.

Report Wizard (Select Data Source)

At this point, you will create a query to get the data for your report. For this report, suppose you want to list book titles and author information from the titles and authors tables in the pubs database. You can either use Query Builder or type the SQL string manually as shown in the figure below.

SELECT titles.*, authors.*
FROM titles INNER JOIN authors ON titles.pub_id = authors.pub_id

Creating a Query

After specifying the data fields, we need to work on formatting the report. Click Next to proceed.

The first screen prompts you to select the type of report you wish to create. Choose Tabular or Matrix as needed and click Next.

On the next screen, you need to choose how to group this data in the table. Highlight the fields that are available and click the Details button as shown in the figure below.


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