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SQL cluster problem

Hi I have a SQL active/passive server running on win2000 server. it was runing failover no problems two months ago, today, I just tried to turn off the primary node and let it failover to the second node, but the SQL server in SQL group failed and wasn’t running in node2. The only thing I did on sql server is that changed the port # and that will be that causing problem? Please advise, Thank you very much!
the system event log says Cluster resource ‘SQL Server Fulltext (ECITY)’ failed. any ideas??? Thanks
Any more details in the Application event log or the SQL Server error log? /Argyle
Ensure to check the following counters :
1. Make sure the cluster service account on both nodes is a domain account and this account belongs to the local administrator group. 2. Make sure the Microsoft Search service account on both nodes is local system. 3. If you have removed the SQL BUILTINAdministrators login, to let the full text search work, we need to add the NT local system account as a valid SQL login and add this login to the sysadmin role:
sp_grantlogin ‘NT AuthoritySystem’
sp_addsrvrolemember ‘NT AuthoritySystem’, ‘sysadmin’
Satya SKJ

I don’t really have enough info to offer much help. Can you provide more, especially about what you did when you changed the Port #. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP