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SQL Clustering across 2 Data Centres

Hi, I am looking at the feasability of clustering SQL Server 2000 across a WAN between 2 remote dada centres. We would be looking at using Windows 2003 Server and SQL server 2000. Firstly, is this achievable? Are there any caveats, especially around the use of SAN/NAS technology? Thanks, Martin Thompson
Technical Architect
Be default, in SQL Server clustering, there are two or more nodes, and a single shared array. With this in mind, do you want to have a node and one shared array on one location, and then the other node (with no shared cluster) in the other location? Probably not. The ideal solution would be to have nodes and shared arrays in both locations. In SQL Server 2000, this is not yet feasible, but SQL Server 2005 will offer this. In that case, you will need to wait until late this year for it. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Thanks Brad, I’l bear these points in mind. I think the SQL 2005 option will be what we will have to look at. Many Thanks Martin Thompson
Technical Architect
Until recently I would have given you the same response that Brad has given you, however there is a Microsoft Certified solution that Unisys is introducing this QTR to allow customers to utilize MSCS to cluster across datacenters in a geographically dispersed environment. It is the only certified long distance cluster solution at this time. It can be used to create intercontinental clusters if needed. In addition this solution will give customers the ability to do point in time (roll back) recovery to resolve issues of data corruption. If you are interested in investigating let me know and I can facilitate -rick
Rick Brunner
Project Manager