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I have a quick question that has to do with configuring sql ports: why do you have to configure different port numbers in an active/active configuration since different ip addresses are already configured for the different instances. take for instance port 1433 is configured for the first instance of sql, why do you have to configure another port number for the second instance and not port 1433 as well since it’s an active/active configuration. thanks
Under Active/Active both nodes are fallback for each other. In a situation where one server has to be Active for both, then you need difereent ports. Application uses the Vitual Ip but with in cluster for active/active you have to have different port. I hope that helps
correct me if i’m wrong what you mean is if there’s a failover the node that has both resources has to have different ports configured because it’s also got resources from the other node which as to do with active/active clustering configuration. why? can’t the resources use same port on the failed on node?
Other than Cluster Heart beat network,how many IP addresses and network cards you have on each node?
You do not need to configure different ports. This goes for both SQL Server 7 and 2000 clusters. As you say they have seperate IPs and thus can use the same port. In SQL 2000 though, when installing a secondary instance (that must be a named instance) the instance will be given a "random" port during the installation, the same way as it’s given to a named instance on a stand alone server. But since you in a cluster assign different IPs to each virtual server, you can set them all to use port 1433. Active/active terminology doesn’t really apply in a SQL 2000 clustering scenario since it’s different than SQL 7 clustering. A SQL 2000 cluster is seen as a "single" server and you can install a maximum if 16 instances in the cluster, same as for a stand alone server. You can for example not have 16 x 2 instances in a 2 node cluster. This means you can have only one default instance in the entire cluster (which uses 1433 by default), the rest has to be named instances and they will as mentioned be given a random port during installation (which can be changed). /Argyle
the random ports of the named instances can it also be configured as 1433 that is the question i’m trying to find answer to. thanks
Thanks you, I was looking for this answer and explanation.