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Hi All,
I am using SQL Server Reporting Services tool to generate reports in our project. Its really a good tool from microsoft. But my doubt is ..
Can anybody tell me, is there any easy way to deploy more no of reports into Production server in one go?
I know how to deploy a report into production server.
Thanks in adv.
Suresh V
You will be better of if you can refer to the books online for reporting services, check microsoft site for more information. Satya SKJ
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Hi, In Solution Explorer window in VS.Net development IDE, if you right click on the report project you will see the "Deploy" menu item. If you choose this option, you will be able to deploy all the reports and datasources or images, etc added to your report project to the production server. The production server information is as you know in the project properties screen identified as TargetFolder and TargetServerURL Eralper
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Sorry, I forgot to add that you can select more than one reports on the Solution Explorer window using the "Ctrl" key. And then by right clicking to see the context menu you wil see "Deploy" option. Choosing the "Deploy" option you can deploy the selected reports to the target server and folders. Eralper

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