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SQL, SAN & Contingency

I have an active/passive 2 node cluster running MS SQL Server 200 SP3 attached to a SAN. The SAN data is replicated to a contingency site where I have a single node cluster. In the event of contingency I want as little manual intervention as possible and for the transfer of service to be as seamless as possible to users. The contingency virtual server should therefore be the same name as the live virtual server. Obviously I cannot have two virtual servers with the same name presented on the LAN at the same time. To do this (and I am about to try this out) I think the following will work; 1. Isolate the single node cluster from our LAN by connecting it to a stand alone hub. 2. Isolate a live Domain Controller from our LAN and connect it to the hub above. 3. Perform a System Stae backup of the DC. 4. Delete the existing Computer Account for the Virtual Server from the DC. The Computer Account exists because we use Kerberos authentication on the cluster. 5. Install SQL Server 2003 SP3 on the single node cluster using the live virtual server name but a diiferent IP Address. 6. Use an existing domain account to run the SQL Services. 7. Take all SQL Services offline, as well as the Network Name. 8. Restore the System State to the Domain Controller. 9. Re-attach the DC to our LAN and demote it. My question is WILL this work and is there a better way?
Are you using EMC for this? MeanOldDBA
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Another question is have you tested this approach in the past? Satya SKJ
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