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SQL Server 2000 replication(1-subs<-3 pubs)

Hello technocrats, Can we configure one Subscriber from 3 publishers mean to say is it possible to update the same database of the subsciber from three different publisher with snapshot replications scheduled at differnt time? If yes…please give me a little idea how to proceed. Thanks in advance

Tables on 3 publishers are same or different?
If they are different, I believe it is possible… MohammedU.
Dear MohammedU, let me explain the scenario, Table A gets updated in Server 1
Table B gets updated in Server 2
I want a table C in Server 3
which needs to get updated from data of the above mentioned tables….
means merged data. thanks
I believe you can….
You need to configure the snapshot to delete only matched data from publisher.. Delete data in the existing table that matches the row filter statement Delete the data that matches the data to be replicated from the Publisher in the Subscriber table with the same name as the destination table. Data in the local table that does not match the data to be replicated remains unchanged in the local table. Check BOL topic "article Properties, Snapshot Tab" MohammedU.