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sql server 2000 std reporting services

where should this be installed? are there other components required?

The main components you need installed are IIS Server and ASP.Net
i am putting the cd on my db sever and getting the below errors: System Check Results
IIS is either not installed or not configured…..
ASP.NET is nto installed…
Visual Studio .NET 2003 is nto installed…. all this has to go on the db server???

Well normally you would install reporting services on a reporting server and not your DB server. I would recommend reading all the documentation you can before installing reporting services and learn it’s architicture, I can tell you this much installing reporting services is not as simple as intalling Office or some other MS software, it can become pretty complicated due to it’s high integration with the .Net framework. Good Luck! Raulie
True, andhttp://www.microsoft.com/sql/reporting/default.asp for more information on RS. (moved from General DBA forums to Reporting services) Satya SKJ
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HI, You can install server and client components seperately. i.e Install SERVER COMPONENTS on YOUR REPORT SERVER and CLIENT COMPONENTS (VS.net)on a client PC for report designing purposes. Note: Report server and the SQL Server instance hosting the report server database must be in the same domain or in a trusted domain