SQL Server 2005: The Replication GUI

Right-clicking a publication gives access to its properties, much like in SQL Server 2000. Although the form is a different style to the many-tabbed properties window in SQL Server 2000, the options are much the same and similarly for subscription properties.

The Replication Monitor

To start the replication monitor, right-click either the replication folder or the publications folder. This is a stand-alone tool and you’ll have to initially register your publisher (PC-Template below).

The refresh-rate for the replication monitor is accessible through right-clicking on the publisher, as it now allows different settings for each publisher rather than one setting for all. From the same menu, we can also create and edit agent profiles:

The tabs on the RHS give access to the replication agents. ‘All Subscriptions’ refers to the Distribution/Merge agents, while the ‘Warnings and Common Agents’ tab gives access to the Log Reader/Snapshot agents. What is displayed is the most recent history, and to see the complete history of the agent’s execution, right-click on the agent and select ‘View Details’. This menu also allows access to the specific profile used for this agent – ‘Performance Profile’.


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