SQL Server 2005: The Replication GUI

Other Settings

It seems that the miscellaneous agents – e.g. the distribution cleanup agent – are only accessible through the Jobs folder of the SQL Server Agent. This is unfortunate, as it is a useful replication control, but on the other hand, not one that we would frequently want to manually alter. The menu settings for transformable subscriptions no longer exists because this feature is deprecated in SQL Server 2005, and is only supported using the SQL Server 2000 engine. Scripts can be generated and subscriptions validated as in Enterprise Manager. There appears to be no direct way to ‘Explore the latest snapshot folder’ as there was in Enterprise Manager, so Windows Explorer will have to be used instead.  


This article should allow DBAs administering most straightforward publications to find their way around the new graphical interfaces and perform corresponding tasks in SQL Server 2005. The article ignores new functionality and graphical options, which will be explored in future articles.

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