How to Troubleshoot SQL Server 7.0 Installation Issues

10. If You Install SQL Server 7.0 on Windows 9x, You Should Install
Microsoft Client for Networks

To to this: Click Start => Control Panel => Network => Add Microsoft Client for Networks.

11. To Upgrade from MSDE to SQL Server 7.0, It May Be Necessary to Edit
Some Registry Entries

If you receive the following error:

You cannot install a version which is older (7.00.623) than the version on your machine (7.00.677). Uninstall the older version.

then you should change:

to have a value of 7.00.623.

For more details, see this url:

12. Problems Installing MS DTC

If you cannot install MS DTC on a server with multiple network cards or SPX installed, uninstall one of the network cards or SPX, and then retry the SQL Server Setup.

13. Problems With Unattended Installation

Read this Microsoft article on how to amend the unattended install files,
if you have problems with unattended installation:

INF: Customizing SQL/MSDE Unattended Installation Files;EN-US;q233312

14. For More Details About Installation Errors

The following files, found on your server, can help provide valuable error messages if your SQL Server installation fails.

  • sqlstp.log (located in your Windows or WinNT directory)
  • errorlog file (located in the MSSQL7Log directory)
  • cnfgsvr.out file (located in the MSSQL7Install directory)

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