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SQL server physical migration

Hi! I have a 24×7 SQL server installation at a particular location with a database about 10GB’s in size. I want a copy of the entire database at another location about 2000 miles away. How do I enable replication between the 2 databases by applying the initial snap shot manually?? Subsequently please suggest if transactional replication is the best way to keep these 2 databases synchronized. Please help Thanks in advance
Hi ya, The question about whether transactional replication is the best method depends on a few questions. Transactional replication is great if you never expect to update the data. If you need to replicate the whole database for DR purposes then consider using log shipping in one form or another…? also what is the link between the two sites for maintaining the destination database once it has been initialised? If you are using transactional replication and want to do the initialation manually then what I’ve done before is create a subscription locally in that site, then stop the log reader, do the final distribution of those transactions, back up the local subscriber and send that to the remote site, restore it and then finally set up the subscription for the remote site (with the option that the schema and data is already in synch) Cheers