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SQL Server SAN Mirroring

Hi Guys,
We currently have a SQL server cluster in on of our Datacentres running successfully as a two node cluster on Windows 2000 Datacentre Edition connected to a SAN via Fibre cards, we are running these two nodes in an active/passive mode in this datacentre without issue. We also have a remote DRP datacentre also running SQL Server on Windows 2000 Datacentre Edition but not in a cluster configuration (ie standalone SQL Server) also connected to a separate SAN via fibre channel cards. Can anyone tell me if you can successfully replicate data between a clustered SQL installation to a standalone SQL server or do I require a two node cluster to also be available at the DRP site. Thanks
If the part you are replicating is just the database and log files then you should be fine to use some form of SAN replication. Alternatively you can backup the database/logs in the live site and ship them across to the dr site. This can be done using SQL jobs, log shipping, or 3rd party tools Cheers
Thanks for the reply Twan, we are already using log shipping to complete the process while we are sorting out our SAN replication issues. Cheers Spider.