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SQL server upgrade

Hi I need some guidelines on SQL Server 2000 cluster:
We have a SQL Server 7.0 cluster (active/active) “The 1st node has the main database and the 2nd has a Reporting database that is a replication of the 1st.” solution today and we are upgrading to SQL Server 2000 cluster. My question is. Is it possible to test the upgrade on a single SQL Server 2000 and be certain that it will work on a cluster solution too? Or is best to have a SQL Server 2000 cluster on the test environment too?[?]

The only big difference I can think of is that if you intend to keep an active/active solution with SQL 2000 one of the instances will be a named instance in the format SERVERNAMEInstanceName since there can only be one default instance in a SQL S2000 cluster (compared to SQL 7 where you could have two "default" instances but no more). In SQL 2000 you can have 16 instances. Example:
SERVERNAME <- Default instance
etc Note that clients will need MDAC 2.6 or higher to be able to connect to names instances unless you create aliases on each client. So if you are going to test on a single server I would Install two instances on this server, one default instance and one named instance. This way you can test all SQL related issues (shouldn’t be many) but to test any cluster specific issues you have to test it on a cluster.