A Look at Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade Advisor

Step 5:

For analyzing DTS packages, the user can choose to analyze DTS packages on the server or DTS package files in the file system. If DTS packages in the file system is selected, then the path to the folder that contains DTS packages has to be provided.

Click Next.

Step 6:

Click Run.

Upon clicking “Run,” Upgrade Advisor starts the analysis.

When the analysis is complete, the report is written to a file. The report can be viewed by launching the report viewer from this page by clicking “Launch Report” or, if the user wants to view the report later, he can launch the Upgrade Advisor Report Viewer from the Upgrade Advisor start page.

The report is as follows:

A detailed description about issues can be obtained by clicking on the “+” symbol.

To read more about the issue and ways of resolving it, refer to the Upgrade Advisor Help. It provides exhaustive information about issues that can be detected and that cannot be detected. It deals with upgrade issues of SQL Server components like Analysis Services, the database engine, reporting services, etc.


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