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SQL Won’t install on VMWare GSX 3.1 cluster

Hello there,<br /><br />I have an active-passive cluster running, with 2 vm’s sharing two virtual disks.<br />My VMWare configs contain the following lines:<br />scsi1.present = "TRUE"<br />scsi1.sharedBus = "virtual" <br />scsi1:0.present = "TRUE"<br />scsi1:0.fileName = "Quorum.vmdk"<br />scsi1:0.mode = "persistent"<br />scsi1:0.deviceType = "plainDisk"<br />scsi1:0.shared = "true" <br />scsi1:1.present = "TRUE"<br />scsi1:1.fileName = "Data.vmdk"<br />scsi1:1.mode = "persistent"<br />scsi1:1.deviceType = "plainDisk"<br />scsi1:1.shared = "true" <br />disk.locking = "FALSE"<br /><br />Now, when I try to install SQL, the setup wizzard goes okay, but after that, after 20 minutes or so, it fails with the msg "Setup failed to perform required operations on the cluster nodes."<br />It continues to say it is cleaning up, but when it quits, I’m left with two broken nodes and need to clean all sql stuff up manually…<br /><br />Is it a broken vmware setup? Disk sharing??<br />If I create a file on node1 on the data disk and shutdown that node, node2 takes over and the file is visible… so i’d guess my cluster is ok.. on the other hand I can’t see the file if I just move the Group that contains the data drive <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-6.gif’ alt=’:(‘ /><br /><br />Does SQL need other settings?<br />I had more luck using seats (10, 20..) than with processors (2, 4, 8..).<br /><br />I’ve read alot of tutorials.. Tried running comclust.exe on 1 node, and running it on both…<br /><br />Any hints tips or pointers welcome.<br />Thanks in advance,<br />Alex<br />
I have not tried this myself yet, so I don’t have any specific recommendations. If you have seen this page yet, check out this url for tips:http://insight.zdnet.co.uk/software/applications/0,39020466,2134610,00.htm
Brad M. McGehee, MVP