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stored procedure naming convention

my stored procedures names begin ‘sp_’.
does it have a bad effect on the performence.
Someone told me this reduces the performence since this convention is used by SQL Server system. Thanks,

No at all.
As far I know there is no documentation about it.
Luis Martin
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SQL Server looks for stored procedure beginning with sp_ first under database master (unless you specified database name) then in current database. So I would not use sp_ in stored procedures in production databases. you could use usp_ or other.
I do have a few stored procedure in master database that does general things, like search for a string in a stored procedure, in this case I use sp__ (2 underscored) so I can call these procedure from every database, and I can still tell my procedure from the system procedure.

Here’s a link to a MSDN article supporting bambola’s comments: If the link doesn’t make it, the article is on msdn under: MSDN Home > MSDN Library > Enterprise Development > Windows Server System > Microsoft SQL Server > Microsoft SQL Server 2000 > Stored Procedures
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