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strange Problem in running a batch file from DTS

Hi friends,
I got a strange problem with the DTS package..
We have a dts package inserting rows into tables and then a batch file will be executed to load Heperion Essbase cubes. the execute process task is failing with error unable to open input file.
SQL server is installed on C drive and the batch file is in a folder on E drive.
For the first time it is executing successfully. Then afterwords it is throwing the error…unable to open input file.
The path of the batch file in excute process task is correct after execution also. If we browse for the batchfile from the execute process task and reattach the batch file again and save the dts pack then the execute process will be executed successfully. That means the dts execute process is going sucessful for only one time. Like this everytime I need to reattach it and save the dts pack and then run it manually everytime.
While it is throwing error, I observed the command prompt is taking the sql server bin path instead of taking batch file path.
Any help in this regard…thanks in advance.