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Subscribers stuck after deleting them.

I have 7 databases, 6 of them have tables replication from 1 big database, and all on the same server. This server is the publisher and distributor. Now I deleted all subscriptions and deleted the publisher. I also disabled the distribution on this server. In other words this server is no longer defined neither as distributor nor as publisher. Everything went fine, all publishers, jobs, and distribution database are successfully removed. The only thing I still see is under Replication/Subscriptions I still see all 6 subscribers! I dont know why. I cannot remove them and there is no option to delete. Is this normal? Where this infomation is stored and how can I clean this list? Thanks. refer:
To avoid this situation, you should always remove replication in the following order: – Delete the subscriptions
– Delete the publications
– Disable publishing Deleting publications without unsubscribing or disabling publishing without deleting publications results in this situation. Anyways, if you are seeing the above mentioned errors, try any or all of the below workarounds one after another in the order described below. 1. EXEC sp_removedbreplication ‘your_database_name’ 2. Execute the following procedure on the problematic database and pass the table name as the parameter: EXEC sp_msunmarkreplinfo ‘your_table_name’ 3. You may not need this method, but take this as a last resort. EXEC sp_configure ‘allow’,1
reconfigure with override
use your_database_name
update sysobjects set replinfo = 0 where name = ‘your_table_name’
EXEC sp_configure ‘allow’,0
reconfigure with override
go NOTE: If you don’t follow the proper replication removal order, you may see the same problem with replicated stored procedures!
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Thank you so much. All good now.
Please help… I have delete our subscriptions but my table is still locked when i do drop table x.
KBA;en-us;324401 for reference and have you used sp_dropsubscription to remove it. Satya SKJ
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