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Subscription error The user or group name not rec

Hi, I am gettting this error while trying to setup subscription.
The user or group name ‘xyzajashadi[Unknown]’ is not recognized. (rsUnknownUserName)
here xyz refers my domain and ajashadi is my username. by the way, When you see Report Delivery Options before To,CC theres an entry called Owner which is xyzajashadi[Unknown] If you have any suggestions please respond. Thanks in advance.
hey i dint get wat that unknown does after ajashadi …well regarding the prblm of not connecting it shud b coz of tat unknown thing or u probably may not have that server as a linked server…Correct me if iam wrong Regards
Yeap its bcause of that ‘Unknown’ entry I am not able to setup subscription. I read on the net that this query on ReportServer database:
select * from Users inner join Subscriptions on Users.UserID =
lists the users. I can see the entry also but it doesnt say what needs to be done to remove this error. Anyone has seen this error bfore?????
Heres the link… not recognized&rnum=1&hl=en#d088d261ccaf25b9 I am not sure what a Linked server is. In my case its very simple, we have a sql server and I am connecting to it thru my pc which has client tools installed on it. Everything works fine and iam able to deploy reports etc but only problem is not able to send email bcause of subscription error. Thanks in advance.
Can u please lemme know the entire scenario… Regards
quote:Originally posted by suleman Can u please lemme know the entire scenario…
What do u mean by scenario?
As I had mentioned earlier, I connect to remote sql server2000 through my pc which is in LAN. I use enterprise manager to connect and I have successfully created reports and deployed them except for the fact that subscription is not working. Let me know if that helps.