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Supressing Group Headerwithout supressing detail

Hi, in crystal, if you hid the group header, the detail would still show. In SQL reporting services table with one group and one detail line, hiding the group header also hides the detail. Is there a way of making sure the detail is shown even when the group header is hidden? thanks Matt
check off Include group header in properties

Hi, thanks for the reply. Obviously I need to supply more information (or perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you meant). The group header is to be shown conditionally – depending on what the user supplies to an input parameter named ShowGroupHeading. I set the group header visibility to an expression which inspects this variable. The problem is, when the header is hidden, the detail is hidden and vice versa. I need the report to always show the detail irrespective of whether the group header is visible or not. thanks again Matt
I thought I’d post this in case other users have the same issue. Right-clicking a row on the table to bring up the properties dialog and putting an expression against the group visibility shows/hides the group accordingly. However, to affect just a single row (or in my case the group header) – the row needs to be selected and the visibility set in the standard properties box. I.E. two different places. Hope that’s clear