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Table/Index Page Scans

Hi, I ran a Profiler trace on one our production vendor databases to check for Scan events as a result of spikes occuring within Perfmon for Full Scans/sec counter. I got the table names and their corresponding index/statistics. Following is part of the output: Table Name——Index/Statistics
LABORLEVELENTRY——X3_LABORLEVELENTRY Ran a DBCC SHOWCONTIG with tableresults and found quite a few have a scan density close to 100%. Are these Index Page scans an issue to look for better indexes or the suggested column statistics created should be looked as possible indexes on these tables?? Appreciate any help and thanks in advance.
index scans is something you should look into. Read the execution plan and see why its doing a scan. See if all columns in your WHERE clause have indexes. Are you doing any ‘SELECT * FROM …’?
Dinakar Nethi
SQL Server MVP