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Tables dependencies

I’m new in SQL server,
and my question is… I was asked to identify the master table and the slave tables correlated in a large database with more than 100 tables. I mean …in the case of 3 tables (a,b,c), table (a) has a primary key linked to table (b), and this one is linked with table (c). In this case is easy to identify the master table….—> a, and slaves b, and c, but in a large database ? Dependencies are to complicate. Is there a tool (also third party), or T-Sql procedure, scripts…which answers to my question (any tools can resolve dependencies)? I have tried to use the diagram provided by SQL Manager, but is impossible to undestand any table correlations. In the case of SQL Server diagram, how can I undearstand dependencies between tables?
Thank to everybody, any help will be appreciated….
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SP_DEPENDS will give you information on the object dependancies.
Refer to the books online for further information. Satya SKJ
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