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Take over from 1.Node to 2.Node

How do I get my cluster to takeover the MS SQL Server 2000 Service from 1. Node to 2. Node? When I move the group to the 2.Node the service does not move from node 1 to 2?!? I stopped the first node an the MS SQL Server was gone till I got a connection to the virtual sqlcluster from the first node!
Your cluster should have two resource groups. One with the basic clustering resources, and the other with the SQL Server resources. Each group needs to be moved over separately from the first node to the second node. You don’t want to stop any node to do this. If you don’t have two resource groups, then perhaps you have a poor configuration, and unless I know what it is, I can’t offer much help. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
well as it is a windows os it just needed two restarts and wonder why it just worked out fine now?!? Crazy the service seem to notice the node itself started and than I could change to my virtuel sqlcluster server and it run just fine with all nodes. Tested all with the clusdiag tool and now it should be fine 7-) Thanks! P.S.:
I installed IIS today and everything worked out to my benefits 7-)