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The log file for database is full

Hi good day I am developing a system and im using vb6 ans sql server v7.0. I encountered this error today: The log file for database is full. Back up the trasaction log for the databae to free up some space. Please help me solve the problem.. I have no idea what causes the error and i dont know what to do.. thanks in advance..
If you are not the DBA of the server, then you need to contact the DBA to fix the issue. If you are the DBA, you have a lot to learn. While there are several possible reasons this may happen, the most likely is that the log file has been set not to grow automatically. Another reason may be that the hard drive has run out of space. But first, check to see if the database has it’s transaction log set to not grow. If so, change it so that it can grow. Also, be sure to back up the database daily, as they will truncate the log, keeping it from becoming so large. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Also, if you are not doing transaction log backups, which it sounds like you’re not, set the recovery mode on the database to simple. Right-click on the database, go to properties&gt;options&gt;recovery mode.<br /><br />Like Brad said though, you need to at least be doing a backup daily.<br /><br />Lookup BACKUP DATABASE in Books Online.<br /><br />Start&gt<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-4.gif’ alt=’;P’ />rograms&gt;Microsoft SQL Server&gt;Books Online<br /><br />Derrick Leggett<br /><br />
Also review information from books online about error 9002 which delivers the action to be taken.
Satya SKJ
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