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Third party tools for data warehousing

Can you please let me know what are best Third party tools for data warehousing ?
Regards Riya
There is no straight answer for this question, as the DW is a huge task and if you can assign what issues you’re facing with SQL Analysis Services then we can look at it to resolve. Also search under Third party tools section for further information. Satya SKJ
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Riya, We can use Analysis Server from Microsoft front. Instead of that, I knew something related to that even though its very huge area, These are the tools which you can check it. Cognos,
Business Objects ) -Johnson

Third party tool for what? ETL tool, OLAP server, OLAP client, Report server, data mining tool…
Cognos, proclarity all these tool provides you with the dashboard tool.
For presentation of cubes data you can use them so that you dont have to write MDX queries. These tools itself codes them in the background.
For ETL SQL SERVER DTS is best in many ways.
You can even full process your Analysis Server Database.
So you better refine your question with what as asked by Mirco.
Just to name a few major players in the DW 3rd party world. ETL:
-Oracle Warehouse Builder
-Ascential DataStage
-Cognos decisionStream OLAP/BI:
-Business Objects
-Hypherion In ETL Informatica and OWB are the big dogs and for BI it’s MicroStrategy and Business Objects of course there are dozens more to choose from. This is a DW Forum for strictly SQL Server so I don’t think it is appropriate to discuss each one them in detail. I would recommend you contact the Sales Reps for these products to get further details on them. The advantage that SQL Server has here is that the ETL/BI products come free as part of the product. SQL Server’s DW products currently are ideal for Small to MidSize DW environments, correction there are existing Terabyte warehouses running on SQL Server 2000 hopefully this trend will increase with the advent release of 2005. We currently use SQL Server to build and house our downstream DataMarts which pull from our Enterprise DataWarehouses that feed into our cubes. License fees for a product such as Informatica are very costly, however Informatica is a top choice when you are pushing the limits in your ETL.