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Three Node cluster

I saw your article about building SQL 2000 cluster and it was just a super help for me to build an Active/Passive cluster. I have a new setup that I am asked to implement which is converting Active/Passive SQL 2000 cluster installed on Windows 2003 Ent edition to Active/Active/Passive by adding a second Active node to the cluster. Here is what I am planning to do and please approve if it#%92s correct: 1- Install the OS and join the cluster from the third node (this will be on a separate cluster group) and make sure the disks can failover to the three nodes. 2- Run the setup again on the first active node (which was installed already) on a modify mode and modify the possible owners to include the new cluster node. 3- Run the setup on the new cluster node and create a new default SQL server instance and include the three nodes to be possible owners. 4- On the cluster admin, I have to make sure that the possible owners field on all of the cluster groups are including the three nodes. Few question: 1- Do you think Win 2003 server Ent edition will carry the three nodes? 2- If the passive node is powerful enough, if the two active nodes fail, will the passive node carry the load or only one node can carry one cluster group? Your inputs will be really appreciated and helpful. Thanks, Hatem Elmohandes.
1. Yes 2. Depends on your application but if the hardware is enough it should be no problem. Do some tests though. Note:
You can not install another "default" instance, it has to be a named instance.