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trans repl to mysql error

1 Way trans. replication to a mysql database SQL Server Env: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 8.00.760 (Intel X86) Windows NT 5.0 (Build 2195: Service Pack 4) Distribution Agent:
Error Details:
Invalid cursor state
(Source: ODBC Driver Manager (ODBC); Error number: 24000)
Last Command:
select xactts, subguid from MSrepl7 where pubsrv = ? and pubdb = ? and indagent = 0 and subtype = 0
I’ve searched the newsgroups but this doesn’t apply to my build ver. I’m logging in as a mysql super user, the remote tables have been created.
I’m using the newest MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver
The problem recurs when you stop and start the agent and server.
Check the REPL related files and their dates at your end, I;m sure this hotfix might work to fix the issue. It seems there is a problem with the MYSQL driver and you may get suitable reply in posting the thread in MYSQL forum as well. Satya SKJ
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