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Trans. Replication – adding a table

I have to add a few tables to the existing set of replication tables. I added them in the publisher article. Now what should I do for it to be replicated. should I run the snapshot agent ? When I try to run it, it is generating articles of the existing tables as well. This is not needed in the subscriber, as subscriber already has the original tables already. I need only the extra tables. Also, my worry is, I added 2 extra columns to the set of original tables at the subscribing server. Taking a fresh snapshot of the original tables, will cause any inconsistencies ? If it tries to apply them at the subscribed end, these 2 additional columns may cause the bulk insert to fail. When I tried running snapshot agent last night, I got this error: The process could not bulk copy out of table ‘[dbo].[syncobj_0x3434383941383344]. I do not have a table called syncobj_* table. Is this an internal reference to my table? In that case, how will i know what caused the error ? Thanks a lot.
If there are any schema changes then it is better to refresh the replication to take new settings affect, otherwise you tend to see such errors. Satya SKJ
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