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Transaction Log Backup

Hi all,
We have many databases to manage and my question is related to T-Log backup.
At the moment we take t-log backup every 1 hour but on different time for each database. For exaample for db1 we take t-log backup at 7.01 AM every hour until 19.01 PM and for db2 we take backup at 7.05 AM until 19.05 PM and so on. Is it ok to perform t-log backup for all the databses at the same time or is it better to perform it on different time like now? Our system is a 2 node MSCS Cluster with SQL Server 2K Enterprise Edition, 8 GB RAM and 4 CPU for each node.
SQL Server has a dedicated memory of 2GB. Please advise. Franco Franco
It is better to spread them out. If you do them all at the same time they’ll all compete for I/O, both on the transaction log partition and whereever you’re backing them up to.
Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Cheers. Franco
What is the log growth within every hour on those 2 databases?
If it is nothing much say not more than 300 k then you can run both at a time, if the databases are used frequently then in order to avoid slow performance during the process of writing the backup to file you can keep a 10 mins interval on Tlog backup. Satya SKJ
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