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Transactional replication, dist.agent error

sql2k, sp3a Transactional replication snapshot file created without error, but when the distribution agent runs for about 2 minutes the error is: Insert Error: Column name or number of supplied values
does not match table definition. Why is this happenning ? would it be happenning if a user sp_ has an insert with a column listing ?
(why would it even check this anyways…)
HI ya, it sounds like someone has changed a table either on the source database and you have subscriptions which don’t take table changes accross, or directly on the target. Either way it sounds like the schema has got out of synch between the publisher and subscriber. You could use Profiler to work out which table it is up to, to see if you can repair the problem manually or whether you have to re-snapshot the publication and reinitialise the subscriber Cheers
.. and also check if the used SP has specified correct number of matching columns.
In general this problem can be avoided by writing an INSERT statement with a column list . Satya SKJ
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