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Two Way repliaction.

Hi I have a publisher Box and a Subscriber Box.How can we configure Two Way
replication between publisher and Subscriber. All I want is the Data changes in the Publisher should to applied to the
Subscriber as well as Subscriber Changes should be applied to the Publisher. Urgent Please Thanks
Use Merge Replication Merge replication allows the publisher and subscriber to independently make changes to the database. Both entities can work without an active network connection. When they are reconnected, the merge replication agent checks for changes on both sets of data and modifies each database accordingly. If changes conflict with each other, it uses a predefined conflict resolution algorithm to determine the appropriate data. Merge replication is commonly used by laptop users and others who can not be constantly connected to the publisher.
Faced with this design, I chose to have users update the central database, but use the local database for reading. My app has a very high ratio of reads to writes, and your app may be completely the opposite, in which case ignore me.
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