The Ultimate SQL Server


How’s this for a an “ultimate” SQL Server. Chadd Warwick, Manager, System Operations and Sr. Systems DBA, of Comprehensive Software Systems, wrote to me after reading this article to tell me about a SQL Server they have. He wrote:

“I have the privilege of administering a Unisys ES7000. Here are the specs:

  • 16 way XEON 750
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2.1 TB of EMC storage for the SAN
  • Brocade Silkworm 2800s for the fiber switching (there are 6 fiber cards from the servers into the storage so I can have a true fabric system)

This server can be run as two 8-way servers, or one 12-way, and one 4-way, or one 16-way. We are looking to upgrade it to a 32-way soon with 64GB of RAM. 

This system is running SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise, SP3, but well be going to SQL Server 2000 Enterprise by the end of the year.

We will also be moving to the XP version of Datacenter as soon so we can test the dynamic sharing of RAM and CPUs.

So far this system ROCKS!!!!. We show it off all the time.”

Gee, I feel real envious–Brad M. McGehee, Editor

Another Postscript

Here’s a note from Kevin J. Blaser, from Unisys, about this article:


I read your article “The Ultimate SQL Server” with great interest.  As Chadd Warwick has already pointed out – the ultimate SQL Server already exists!

If you or your readers are interested in learning more about the “Ultimate SQL Server”, I invite them to visit for more information on the ES7000.

Best regards,

Kevin J. Blaser
Director of Database Services
Worldwide Technology Consulting Services
UNISYS Corporation

Another Postscript

I‘ve seen some buzz about the Unisys ES7000 on your website in the past, and I wanted to let you know that for those folks in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, we have a fully loaded 32 processor system running Windows 2000 Datacenter edition at our Microsoft offices in Dallas. The system is in the process of being upgraded to (32) 1.4Ghz Xeon chips (yep… that’s about 45Ghz combined performance… all for SQL’s taking.) This will be one of the fastest Intel based servers in North America. We have around 2.1 TB of fibre connected SAN storage attached and are looking to increase this capacity as well. The system connects to EMC Symmetrix and EMC Clarion.

We have full onsite support from senior Microsoft SQL CPR and PSS employees, as well as EMC and Unisys.

If you have any visitors who would like to see just what they’re DB/App can do, we can test it from 4 processors to 8 – then 12 – then 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32. We can also run (4) 8x Windows 2000 Datacenter partitions (LPARs) in the system, clustered 4 ways in the same frame. The system is truly the most flexible Intel based database server on the market and we love to show it off! I am a local Dallas resource and can be reached at

Take care and keep up the great work!
Adam Hicks
Architectural Consultant
Unisys Corporation

Are you the DBA of an ultimate SQL Server? If you are, drop me a line and brag to me about it. I might even want to profile you in an article on this website.


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