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Unable to export a SQL Report to excel

Hey Peeps, Can somebody help me with my issue. I am trying to export a sql report from the report manager that is existing on remote box and all other reports are exporting just fine except for this one report. When I export this "One" report, it makes me wait for like 5 minutes(which is irritable for the client) and a page shows up saying "The page cant be viewed". At first, I thought it was a time out problem, and so I went to Report Manger–> Properties–> Execution and changed the default timeout option to 9999 seconds. But nothing worked!!! Can somebody throw some light here please!!!! Many thnx
What is so different from the other reports that this report does not want to export. I am also having a similar issue with exporting to excel… I have this hidden list and on its visibility propety i have IIF(OrganizationType = “CARS”, false, true) … well it runs fine when Cars Organization runs the report and it exports out to excel but when any other organization tries to run the report and export it out to excel…reporting services chokes…gives me exception errors… so check your Visibility properties somewhere….