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Unlock a DTS package

I need to unlock a DTS package which the developer has locked with a password and has quit the job. I checked sysdtspackages table but couldn’t find the password. Please somebody help me. Thanks
Can somebody please help me with this?
Check this out:http://jimmers.russia.webmatrixhosting.net/dtspackage2.aspx May the Almighty God bless us all!
I think you are looking for owner password, if yes then
unfortunately there is no way i guess to get that forgot password back
Try accessing with SA password, it may help. If not follow as suggested above. Satya SKJ
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Thanks a lot for the above link,<br />there is a batch file which has these two commands<br /><br />cl /nologo /c DTSConnPass.cpp<br />link /nologo /defaultlib<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-3.gif’ alt=’:eek:‘ />le32.lib oleaut32.lib <br /><br /><b>cl</b> I think is the C-compiler what about <b>link </b> I tried googling but couldn’t find anything related.<br /> Also where to place the batch file for execution, there is not even a readme file,<br /><br />However thanks a lot it just gives me a ray of hope that the user password can be unlocked.<br />
see if that file came with the .exe file. else google for C Compiler download
see this:
http://www.digitalmars.com/download/freecompiler.html May the Almighty God bless us all!