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Unspecified error

I am trying to save a existing DTS with just a parameter change to one of the Stored Procedure and when i tried to save it, its giving "Unspecified error". It does not give me any error number. Environment: SQL 2000
Permission: SA
About Package: It gets Raw data files and loads in to the tables and couple of other SP’s executed after the data load (i really don’t know the business logic behind it), the only change which im doing is changing its parameter from 2006 to 2007. When i try to save the package or reopen the packing it gives "Error Unspecified". Will the package get corrupted? Package is stored in MSDB , If so how do I fix it. Pls advise me… I checked the SQL error log and nothing specific shows up…. Thanks

Is the package created on different SP server? FIX: DTS packages fail with an unspecified error on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2
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I just found out that if the DTS job contains FTP item and if any one else other than the owner of the job tries to access the DTS Package, it gets corruped and give "Unspecified error", If i remove off the FTP item then the package is just fine… I searched a lot in the Microsoft site if there is a fix for this but could not find any.. Pls post if you have any solution for this…
http://vyaskn.tripod.com/sql_server_dts_best_practices.htm Specify what kind of operations you are performing with FTP under that DTS package. Also ensure the privileges associated to SQLagent are enough to run that FTP task under DTS package. Satya SKJ
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