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Updating composite Key through Query.

I have two tables having three Common Columns : A, B and C. Table I is having Composite Key -> A + B + C and Table II is having Composite Key -> A + B.
I wanted to update Column say C of Table I from the value of C of Table II on the basis of searching the value of A and B in Table II. I have issued the following SQL query : Update I
Set I.C = III.C
FROM I, (SELECT II.A, II.B, II.C FROM II WHERE II.A = ‘VAL1’ AND II.B = ‘VAL2’) III But the problem is that while executing it is not getting stopped and chuks out huge Memory and CPU resources making the other operations impossible.
Arindam Ganguly
Try this
Update I
Set T1.C = T2.C
FROM I T1, II T2 WHERE T2.A = ‘VAL1’ AND T2.B = ‘VAL2’ and T1.A = T2.A AND T1.B =T2.B Madhivanan

Hi gangulyarindam, your query is missing join condition, you actually made cross join. To avoid such errors in future better use ansi join syntax. Are your composite keys primary keys?