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Urgent: error in Replication

Hi all,
After pushing the data to subscribers we want to see the data is matching in publisher and subscriber For matching we are running the query on the server ztxpcd2db03(subscriber) Use dstore select max(last_mod_date) from busEntity_Component Error ZTXPCD2DB03: DStore: Error: 8908, Severity: 22, State: 6 Table errors: Database ID 8, object ID 761170603, index ID 0. Chain linkage mismatch. (3:1149943)-& gt; next = (3:1149944), but (3:1149944)-& gt; prev = (3:1149941). After this error iam doing the DBCC DBREINDEX (‘Dstore.dbo.busEntity_Component#%92)
This is happening only in one server. But all other subscribers are fine.
Could you help me out. But the replication is successful. This is a push type replication. Thanks in Advance!!! Rajendar
Ensure the involved SQL server having upto date service packs and hotfixes and similar MDAC versions.
Also check event viewer for furthe rinformation the Hardware… disks. Satya SKJ
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